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Sweet little Piper | 4 weeks | This gorgeous little girl was an absolute gem to photograph. Sometimes you just get lucky at this age and baby sleeps like a dream. {TIP: It helps to wait until arriving at the studio to feed.} And… little miss Piper was just the right size to fit the wooden…

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A much-loved baby boy visited my studio today with his mum and siblings. Big brother and sister were so patient, taking turns holding him, and playing with toys on the side. Mum should be so proud – they were a delight to have around. Oh, and isn’t that auburn hair just gorgeous!! I’m a tad partial, I must confess.

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Thank you to all those who gifted me with their stories this past year. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2017! Bookings/information: 0400 792 861 /  

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In-person workshops are such an important part of learning hands-on skills and keeping up to date with newborn safety procedures, lighting, posing and so much more. It was a privilege to join Brittany Woodall and Melanie Kellerman, along with a small group of photographers, in May this year. So many light-bulb moments watching these experienced mentors demonstrate their individual…

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