About Newborn Sessions

Welcome! I’m delighted that you are considering booking a session with me. It is an honour to be able to photograph a family so soon after such a life-changing event when your emotions are still raw. I hope that your session will be a time when you slow down, sit back, and feel especially proud watching the session unfold.

I love simple images along with neutral, calming textures and tones so that the focus is on your baby. I aim to deliver a range of images that include full set-ups of your baby on a blanket (or in a prop), macro shots of features and photos with mum and dad so that you will have a variety of images to choose from.


Ideally, newborn sessions should take place within your baby’s first 10 days while they are still sleepy and curl up naturally. Sessions typically last 2-4 hours to accommodate feeding, changing, and the time it takes to settle baby.

Home Studio

My studio is perfect for mums and dads who don’t feel up to preparing their home for a photo session or who would like a well-lit, calm and peaceful environment to escape to for their baby’s first photo session. Everything is set up for a newborn and there are plenty of home comforts for sleep-deprived mums and dads too.

I have a posing beanbag designed especially for newborn portraiture as well as a range of blankets, backdrops, props, wraps, and lovely things crafted especially for newborns.

I switched to studio lighting 3 years ago and this has helped speed up my workflow while ensuring consistent results.

Preparing for Your Newborn Session:

  • Bring extra bottles of milk or come prepared to breastfeed more often than usual.
  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating anything spicy the night before.
  • Come dressed in layers – the room will be heated.
  • Dress baby in loose clothing or something that can be easily removed.
  • Bring extra nappies, a dummy and anything special you’d like to include in the session.
  • Don’t forget snacks – especially if you have special dietary requirements.
  • Don’t stress – it’s all going to be okay. And if you’re running late, just text me to say so.

Session Fee: 

The session fee reserves your booking (or a selection of reserved dates close to your due date). The fee is non-refundable but you may transfer your session to another date due to the unpredictable nature of birth and newborn babies. There are other milestones to capture and sessions can also be held at 4 months, 7 months or one year, or somewhere in between.

The session fee covers the use of the studio (+ a collection of props & blankets sourced worldwide), the photographer’s time and talent, and also the upload of images to a secure, online gallery.

For detailed information about Pricing and Packages please fill in the contact form or call me directly on 0400 792 861.