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I last saw this gorgeous little baby girl when she was just a few days old. Oh my, so much happens between their first few days and eleven months! Getting to know a baby in their first few days – sometimes before their nearest and dearest – makes me feel especially connected to each little babe. I love it when clients stay in touch and share updates about their baby’s growth and developments. Photographing Estelle just shy of her 1st birthday was a wonderful way to celebrate all the joy she has brought to her family.

Mum warned me that she was on the move – and gaining speed – so I knew it would be a challenge keeping up with her. Mum was right of course. But I like a challenge!

And those auburn curls! Aren’t they just to die for…

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Sweet little Piper | 4 weeks | This gorgeous little girl was an absolute gem to photograph. Sometimes you just get lucky at this age and baby sleeps like a dream. {TIP: It helps to wait until arriving at the studio to feed.}

And… little miss Piper was just the right size to fit the wooden baby bed—a new addition to the studio’s collection this year.

Wink, wink! Check out the photo below. So cute!




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