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Now Booking for 2019
I have limited spaces available due to the customised
nature of newborn portraiture. | I recommend booking your
maternity / newborn sessions as soon as possible,
as dates need to be reserved in advance.
Collection One 2-3 hours coverage
• newborn mini (mum + baby)
• professional image processing
• private online gallery
• 15 digital images
• mounted print
Collection Two 3-4 hours coverage
• newborn + family (up to 2 siblings)
• professional image processing
• private online gallery
• 25 digital images
• mounted print
Collection Three 3-5 hours coverage
• maternity + newborn session
• professional image processing
• private online gallery
• 30 digital images
• mounted print
Full Collection

3-5 hours coverage

(newborn + maternity / family / baby milestone) 
professional image processing • 40+ digital images from gallery
online gallery • 11 x 11 / 11 x 14 layflat album

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