My “January Project”

A few years ago I came across Barb Uil’s For the Love book. And I was inspired! Wow! Now, I only wish I could wind back the clock to when I was an expectant mum and start all over again, armed with all the gear and knowledge that I have acquired today. It’s full of fantastic ideas about documenting and celebrating the everyday moments in the life of a family. Each child’s, milestones, aspirations, “firsts.” The sum of who they are.

In my own way, I’d already been doing that, but it wasn’t as intentional as a “Project”. It was a spur-of-the-moment, grab-my-camera and document anything I thought important, sort-of-thing. Barb’s book lead me to discover Kristen Cook’s “January Project”—a personal project that she undertakes every January to document the lives of her own family by taking one photo a day. I’m sure she takes more, but the aim I think is to get at least one that means something. Something you’ll want to remember and share with them when they grow up.

My children are getting a little too old for documenting “firsts”. Truthfully, teens and pre-teens are going to notice mum sitting with a camera in her hand, just waiting for them to do something noteworthy or everyday. But I get the concept, to take note and value the every day. Because that is what I will want to remember most. Not fancy poses, hats or props.



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